Amazon’s Twitch To Begin Selling Games This Spring

Amazon officially acquired Twitch in late 2014. Since that time, the company has taken steps to interconnect the Amazon Prime subscription service with the Twitch platform. In late 2016, it was announced that Prime subscribers would be provided with exclusive Twitch benefits. Amazon will step it up even further by allowing developers to sell their games directly through the Twitch platform beginning in spring of this year. Twitch has entered into partnerships with several developers and publishers. These companies will be able to sell their games through the Twitch service.

This will ultimately help to simplify the process for consumers, while also allowing streamers to get in on the action. Streamers can receive a 5% commission on the sales made. Twitch will take 25% of the profits, while the publisher or developer will receive the remaining 70%. Buyers that make their purchase through the Twitch platform will be provided with random bonuses through the Twitch Crate. With the Twitch Crate, users will receive unique items, which have been specifically tailored to the user. This could include Bits for cheering, chat badges and exclusive emotes.

The new program is scheduled to launch sometime this spring. Titles will be available from a handful of indie and AAA publishers, including Telltale Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Paradox Interactive, Vlambeer, Digital Extremes, and more. Games that are purchased through Twitch can be downloaded and played directly through the Twitch Launcher. Alternatively, some titles will be available through the publisher-operated services, such as Uplay and others. To learn more about the service or to find out how to get involved with selling content, be sure to check out the latest press release here.