AMC Invites Customers To Enjoy Election Night At Select AMC Theatres

This year’s election has been one of the most talked about in quite some time. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have hogged airwaves over the past few months and it is all leading up to that faithful election night. November the 8th is right around the corner and millions of Americans will find themselves sitting in front of their televisions cheering on their favorite candidate. AMC (NYSE: AMC)¬†wants to provide consumers with the ability to sweat it out alongside likeminded individuals. Approximately 4,000 passes have been redeemed by consumers, who will attend the upcoming AMC Theatres Election Night Event.

50 theatres across 25 major markets will be open to guests, who wish to follow the action on the big screen. Door are expected to open to the public at 6:30pm EST time on Election day. The event will begin 30 minutes later at 7:00 PM EST. According to AMC’s recent press release, ten locations have already received RSVPs topping 100. Nonetheless, passes are still available at select locations. Walk-up guests will be invited inside on election night, as long as there is an adequate amount of space. Pass holders should remember that a pass does not necessarily guarantee a seat. Would-be attendees are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to get a good seat.

AMC Stubs members can enter the event for free and may also bring up to 2 guests. Participating theatres are located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, and many more big cities. Doors are color coded to accommodate supporters of both candidates. Hillary supporters will enter the blue door and join other Democrats, while Trump supports are urged to use the red door. According to AMC, “Blue” theatres currently hold a big lead over their “red” counterpart with a margin of nearly 3 to 1.

Of course, it should be noted that AMC’s theatres will be broadcasting CNN’s Election Night in America coverage and CNN is unlikely to be a top preference for Trump supporters. Nonetheless, watching CNN announce the winner in a theatre with several others is always better than chewing your fingernails at home alone.