Aqua Pennsylvania Offers Assistance To Low-Income Families Behind On Their Water Bills

On March the 31st, Aqua Pennsylvania sent out a reminder to low-income families with difficulties paying their water bills. Aqua provides wastewater and water services to around 3 million people across 8 states. Their Pennsylvania branch serves around 1.4 million people in 32 counties. Thanks to the company’s Helping Hand assistance program, low-income families in Pennsylvania can now obtain much-needed assistance paying their water bills. The program is versatile and multi-faceted. It can help consumers set up a payment plan to ensure their water is not cut off.

The program also allows customers to make on-time payments to earn a monthly credit, which can be used toward their arrears. And finally, the company is also willing to provide customers with a conservation kit to help decrease water usage and subsequently lower the overall cost of their water bill. The kit includes several items, including tablets capable of detecting leaks, a more efficient shower head, and low-flow aerators for faucets. Consumers that take full advantage of the kit will ultimately restrict their water usage and decrease their bills.

In order to qualify for the Helping Hand assistance program, the customer will need to meet 3 requirements.

  • Have an income less than 200% below the federal poverty level
  • Bill is more than 21 days past due
  • The customer owes at least $110

Consumers, who wish to apply for the program, should contact Aqua directly at 877-987-2782. Those interested in contributing should contact the same number of visit the company’s official website at