Canadian Hatch Interactive Technologies Comes To OTC Markets

While Line’s IPO surprises investors on the NYSE, Canadian-based Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp hopes to make waves on the OTC scene. The company, which is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, offers unique fan-focused content through curation and aggregation. The content is delivered through a category specific social network and also synced to its associated mobile application, FanDom. Although the social network could be utilized for an assortment of purposes, it is primarily used by sports fans at this point in time.

The platform gives sports enthusiasts a platform to complain about or hype up their favorite sporting teams and players. The company is currently listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol HAT. Their new OTC ticker is HTTRF. The company’s revenue is primarily generated through sponsorships and advertising. The company is best known for their mobile application, FanDom, which gives sports enthusiasts the opportunity to show others how much they know about the sports world.

Hatch intends to connect with sports teams, television networks, and sports personalities in the future, in order to increase the originality and appeal of the platform. The company also has another app, FightCourt, which is currently in development. The social media platform takes on an online arena persona and allows angry individuals to come together and “fight it out”. The company intends to transform FightCourt into a dedicated platform for solving online disputes. According to the company, FightCourt’s algorithm will be able to determine a definite winner amongst the community, while ensuring all users remain entertained.

During the three months prior to April the 30th of 2016, Hatch didn’t generate any substantial revenues. They’re currently in the developmental stage and experienced a net loss of $197,412 during the quarter. The HTTRF stock currently sits a .071 cents.