CEO Of Armored Vehicle Company Convicted Of Defrauding The United States

On Tuesday, it was announced that a federal jury had convicted the owner and chief executive officer of an armored vehicle company for his involvement in a scheme to defraud the United States. 72-year-old William Whyte of King City, Ontario provided the United States Department of Defense with armored gun trucks that failed to meet ballistic and blast protection requirements put forth in the contract between his company and the United States.

The defendant was the owner and CEO of Armet Armored Vehicles, which is based out of Danville, Virginia. He was found guilty following a two-week trail. The jury found Whyte guilty of three counts of wire fraud, three counts of criminal false claims and three counts of major fraud against the United States. He was previously charged by an indictment in July of 2012.

A date for sentencing has not yet been scheduled. Evidence presented during the trial showed that Whyte carried out a scheme to provide the United States with armored gun trucks that were intentionally under armored. Armet provided the United States and its allied with such automobiles as a part of the effort to rebuild Iraq in 2005. Despite failing to provide adequately armored trucks, Whyte and his employees represented that the trucks met the requirements of the contract.

Over the course of the scheme, Armet was paid more than $2 million. Again, William Whyte has been found guilty by a jury. He is currently waiting for his sentencing.