Cincinnati Native Brings Grocery Home Delivery To Hometown

Cincinnati, Ohio (June 2, 2016) – Home delivery services have undoubtedly grown in popularity and demand. Amazon’s Prime, which can deliver goods within 2 days, has managed to amass great success and has helped to push the company to new heights. Unfortunately, not a single company has managed to excel within the food delivery niche. Cincinnati native, Brandy Goss, will look to do just that, with the launch of her own delivery service within the area. Dashing Deliver is the offspring of Brandy’s previous business venture, Fashion Sweets, in which she made and delivered cupcakes to locals.

The company will launch publicly sometime in the middle of June. Goss intends to use vendors, such as Sam’s Club and Lipari Foods for her supplies, while warehousing products, which can then be purchased by consumers through the company’s website. The company intends to deliver an array of consumer products and will expand the scope well beyond edibles. Laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers, and even pet food will be available. As far as food items go, Dashing Delivery will carry the original baked goods from Fashion Sweets, as well as dairy, bread, cereals, and some meats and frozen foods.

The company will deliver your goods for a $5 fee and all orders will need to meet a minimum threshold of $25. Goss intends to gear the company’s services towards young mothers, single fathers, college students, and working moms. The service will only be available within the Interstate 275 loop above the Ohio River. Previously, Goss sold her sweets on the GrubHub platform and was only given a 1-hour window for deliveries. With Dashing Delivery, residents in the area will be able to receive their goods within a 2-hour timeframe.

At the moment, the business is self-funded and Goss has assembled a staff of just 3 part-time drivers. The drivers will be shifted to full-time, as the business begins to expand. Upon the company’s launch, those within the service area will be able to place their orders at