CRTV Prepares For December Launch And Aims To Target Conservatives

On October the 24th, the media company CRTV announced the creation of a unique digital network, which will provide consumers around the world with conservative principled content. The media outlet will aim to be one-of-a-kind and deliver content, which cannot be found anywhere else online or on television. The CRTV network will strongly depend on its strong willed personalities, including Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin. The trio is also well known among political conservatives, who appreciate these individuals for speaking their mind and sharing their knowledge. CRTV is set to launch in December of this year.

Chief Content Officer, Chris Crane, believes the network will be a success by providing subscribers with access “to new and original shows in development from Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn, joining Mark Levin’s highly successful Levin TV.” The success of Levin TV, which launched earlier this year, was able to prove once and for all that consumers are fed up with the liberal media and desire something based in reality. Mark Levin’s Levin TV was a step in the right direction and CRTV will look to take a leap forward for conservative values. CRTV will provide consumers with access to candid, unfiltered conservative content in a commercial-free format.

crtv network mark levin

According to CRTV’s press release, Michelle Malkin will be featured in her own investigate series, Michelle Malkin Investigates. Malkin will dig deep to uncover the truth in cases, which are blatantly ignored by the mainstream media. Mark Steyn, who is best known for guest hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show, will host his own show. The show will feature real guests and real intellectual debates. Levin TV will be added to the lineup and will be ready for the December launch.

CRTV is scheduled in launch in December. The network will be accessible through digital format and mobile devices. An entire year subscription to the service will cost just $99. Consumers can save $10 by subscribing ahead of the launch date. Alternatively, monthly subscriptions can be purchased for just $12. LevinTV subscribers will automatically be upgraded to CRTV until their current subscription expires. According to CRTV’s official website, their content will be made available through Roku, Fire tables, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Apple TV. For additional information or to pre-order, be sure to visit their official site at