Data Cooling Technologies LLC And BWAY Corporation Announce Layoffs In Ohio

Ohio is bracing itself for upcoming layoffs after two companies submitted WARN notifications to the state. On September 5, 2017, BWAY Corporation filed a WARN notification with the state. The notification confirmed that the company planned to close its Hubbard facility in the near future. The facility is located at 644 Myron Street in Hubbard. The closure is expected to lead to the loss of 55 jobs. The 55 impacted employees have no bumping rights.

BWay Corporation anticipates that the layoffs will begin on or around November 1, 2017. The layoffs are expected to be permanent and the entire facility will be shut down. BWAY is a leading manufacturer of metal, plastic and hybrid containers. According to the company’s website, it has annual sales exceeding $1 billion and currently employs 3,000 workers.

Also, the state of Ohio received a WARN notification from Data Cooling Technologies LLC on September 6, 2017. The company notified the state that it would reduce staff at its facility at 1777 Miller Parkway in Streetsboro, Ohio. The separations were initiated on September 5, 2017. 29 of those impacted worked as unit builders, 18 were team leaders, and 23 were electricians.

The company admitted that a significant and unforeseeable downturn in business and an inability to secure additional investment has led to the decision to lay off. According to the WARN notice, Data Cooling Technologies was unable to provide prior notice, since it was seeking additional capital. While a solution appeared imminent, the company was unable to obtain the capital in time to prevent a permanent layoff.

In total, 125 workers were laid off at the company’s Streetsboro facility.