Doctor On Demand Announces Launch Of Lab Testing Services To Ensure Patients Acquire Better Everday Care

Several days ago, Doctor On Demand announced the upcoming launch of its new laboratory diagnostics services. The company, which is primarily known for their on-demand video medicine service, is on a mission to improve the world’s health with innovation and compassion. The company takes a unique approach to health by giving consumers the ability to see a United States trained doctor virtually. Doctors can perform an exam, recommend a treatment plan and even prescribe medications through the group’s live video platform. On May the 3rd, Doctor On Demand announced partnerships with Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX)¬†and LabCorp (NYSE: LH) to add laboratory diagnostics services to their arsenal.

The enhancement effectively solidifies the firm’s position as the first full-service telemedicine provider to begin offering fully integrated lab services to its patients. Doctor On Demand believes the leap forward will give it the ability to better service its growing client base. Both sides of the table will experience a seamless experience, thanks to the addition of laboratory diagnostics. Doctors will now have direct access to a wide variety of tests, without needing to waste time with alternative lab provider platforms. Patients will receive a simplified, paperless experience and the answers they desire as quickly as possible.

Doctor On Demand’s new laboratory services are designed to empower and free the consumer. After a doctor has recommended the lab test, the patient will be able to completely customize the service based on price, location and even insurance. Simplified results and further instructions are provided to the consumer directly through the Doctor On Demand app. The company also believes their unique platform helps to build stronger relationships between the patient and their doctor of choice. Doctor On Demand has proven to be a success, experiencing triple digital growth of video visits from the previous year.

The firm also suggests they have helped patients save half a billion dollars in medical costs, as well as one million hours by eliminating time spent in waiting rooms. To learn more about the new Doctor On Demand laboratory diagnostic services, be sure to visit their press release here. The services are expected to be made available this summer.