Evidence-Based Oncology Analyzes The Challenges Of Alternate Payment Systems In Cancer Care

Changes will soon be made to the way physicians are paid for cancer care. This presents a unique challenge, since each individual patient’s needs can be nearly impossible to predict. To provide physicians will a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of APMs, alternate payment models, Evidence-Based Oncology has published a special issue analyzing the very subject. Physicians should be aware of the fact that APMs are strongly encouraged under the MACRA, Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act. Joseph Alvarnas MD and director of Value-Based Analytics admits “Value has become a catchword in healthcare”.

The sheer complexity of effective cancer care combined with the staggering prices has caused many to question the economic sustainability of providing adequate and innovative care to cancer patients. In the special issue of The American Journal of Managed Care, physicians will learn about the day-to-day complications faced when attempting to make APMs work and the influence of technology. Simultaneously, CEO of the National Marrow Donor Program, Jeffrey W. Chell, expresses the importance for Medicare to standardize reimbursement policies to ensure providers do not lose money when offering transplants to patients with blood disorders.

Authors from Deloittle also discuss the driving factors behind the adoption of APMs. These authors insists financial incentives cannot be the sole reason for the adoption. In the special issue, they discuss the benefits of several new approaches. For more information, be sure to click here.