Examining The Convention’s Performance If The DNC Was A Stock

The Republican Party is widely considered to be more erratic and fanatical than their blue competitors. The Republican debates maintained higher viewership than that of the Democrats. Why? Face it, Republicans bring the entertainment and tend to tinker on the edge of insanity and reality. Nonetheless, last week’s Republic National Convention went fairly well. Trump was never booed or heckled at any point during the event. Ted Cruz did manage to cause a stir, but it was mainly overblown and didn’t have a major impact. The Democratic National Convention is approximately halfway to the finish line. If it were a stock, how would it be performing at this point in time? We’ll take a look below.


The WikiLeaks Emails

WikiLeaks kick started the insanity before the DNC could even get underway. Leaked emails revealed the shady, nefarious nature of the Democratic party and their key leaders. Despite attempting to side with African Americans, women and Mexicans, each and every member of these groups was ridiculed harshly behind the scenes. The email leak closely parallels that of the Sony hack several months back. And, both played out in a similar manner with Sony blaming the attack on North Korea and Democratic party leaders placing the blame on Putin’s Russia.

Whether or not you believe the narrative matters very little, the emails were leaked one way or another and their impact has been just as astronomical now as it was back then. After Sony emails were made public, the stock plummeted around 7% and the company admitted they would likely lose $100 million in conjunction with the hack. In all likelihood, the DNC stock would’ve done the same. And, it probably would have even sunk further when Hillary Clinton added the resigned Debbie Wasserman Schultz to her campaign. At this point, stockholders would’ve been gearing up to vote Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz off of the board.

Who knows whether or not they would’ve been officially removed, but the votes against would have likely doubled, if not tripled, that of Marissa Mayer. Sure, Bernie Sanders speech on Monday night might’ve reenergized stockholders, but the damage was far from over. Bernie’s revolution, which started with a bang, ended with a whimper and tears from his supporters. Of course, outside the real revolt against the system continued.


Tuesday’s Union Strike

Although it was barely mentioned in the media, the DNC experienced its very own union strike on Tuesday, after the official nomination of Hillary Clinton. In April of this year, Verizon faced a setback when the worker’s Union voted to strike. The strike carried on for approximately a month and the impact was hard felt. The stock price for Verizon fell at least 5% during this time and banks began trimming their outlook for the company’s earnings. The DNC stock would’ve most certainly have slid even further down the drain, as Bernie supporters and delegates took to the streets and left their seats empty even while speakers rambled on inside.

To further complicate matters, these delegate were not alone. They were joined by Black Lives Matters supporters and more Bernie supporters on the outside. At this point, the DNC stock would be borderline penny stock status and the beat rolls on.


The Hostile Takeover

Something miraculous, yet unacknowledged by the media, happened on Tuesday night. The event closely paralleled a hostile takeover and would’ve ultimately unseated Hillary Clinton as the head of the Democratic machine. While Bill Clinton fumbled through his speech inside the convention center, wound up protestors continued their fight outside. The arrival of the Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein sparked excitement amongst the angered and betrayed. Chants of “Jill Not Hill” echoed through the streets of Philadelphia, while a large quantity of seats remained empty inside of the convention center.

While out of touch celebrities preached to the masses shamefully, real change was happening outside in the dark, hot atmosphere of Philadelphia. The takeover was a success, if only for a short period of time.


So, if the DNC performance was judged as a stock, investors would not be impressed. The DNC stock would’ve been shifted to OTC markets, before being forced into bankruptcy. There is plenty of time before the election and the conventions will likely have very little impact on the outcome. However, several things are certain, Jill Stein has ultimately upstaged Hillary Clinton at her own convention and Hillary’s unfavorable rating is certain to drop even further. We’re in for one heck of a ride until November the 8th.