Fisher Auto Parts Prepares To Close Cincinnati, Ohio Warehouse Facility And Layoff Workers

This week, the Ohio Office of Workforce Development received a WARN notice from Fisher Auto Parts. The letter explains that the company will be closing its Cincinnati, Ohio warehouse facility in the future. The facility is located at 2701 Spring Grove Avenue.

The closure will be permanent as will the associated layoffs. The letter explains that the company hopes to accomplish the closure with as little disruption as possible to the lives of its employees. The impacted workers will be offered a transfer to either the company’s Newport, Kentucky or Walton, Kentucky facilities.

Workers who decline the offer will be laid off. In total, it is believed that 137 individuals could be impacted by the plant’s closure. The closure is scheduled to begin on or around October 1, 2019. Bumping rights do not exist as impacted workers are not represented by unions.

The full WARN notice is available here.

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