Former City Clerk Of Grovetown, Georgia Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

On Monday, it was announced that a former City Clerk of the City of Grovetown had pleaded guilty to embezzlement. Vicky Vinson Capetillo of Grovetown, Georgia pleaded guilty to two felonies related to her embezzlement of roughly $900,000 from the City of Grovetown. Capetillo worked as City Clerk. She was responsible for preparing bank deposits for the city. Capetillo devised a scheme to steal money from the deposits.

First, the defendant intercepted checks sent in by citizens to pay their utility bills. After collecting a cache of checks, Capetillo pocketed cash from the regular deposit and supplemented the stolen money with the intercepted checks. Between January of 2011 and April of 2016, the defendant stole and deposited roughly $890,000 in cash into her and her family’s accounts.

Capetillo has been released on bond pending sentencing. At the time of her sentencing, she will face a maximum penalty of 20 years and a fine of up to $500,000. She is also looking at a maximum of five years of supervised release. Additional details can be found here.