Former Clerk For The City Of Delhi Sentenced To Prison For Stealing From The City

On Thursday, it was announced that a woman who used her position as a clerk for the City of Delhi to steal money in public funds had been sentenced to prison. Angela Billings from Anamosa, Iowa was sentenced to more than a year in federal prison. The defendant was sentenced after pleading guilty to theft from a program receiving public funds. According to the plea agreement, Billings held a position of public trust as the city clerk.

Her position contributed greatly to the commission and concealment of her crime. Billings agreed that she stole more than $100,000 from the city by using the city’s credit card for personal expenses and adjusting her own utility bills. She also admitted to owing more than $130,000 in restitution. The restitution amount includes the cost of the audit, which was ultimately used to uncover the defendant’s crime.

The defendant was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Judge Linda R. Reade. Angela Billings was ultimately sentenced to 15 months in prison. She will also be required to serve a period of supervised release after the prison term. The defendant has been ordered to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons on a date that has not yet been set. More details can be found here.