Former Employee Of Hart County, Kentucky Manufacturing Plant Pleads Guilty To Tampering With Consumer Products

This week, it was announced that a former employee of a container manufacturing plant in Hart County, Kentucky had pled guilty to tampering with consumer products. In 2016, 44-year-old Waylon J. Horton worked at a container manufacturing plant for Print Set-Up on the production line for Styrofoam drinking cups. The company’s facility was located in Horse Cave, Kentucky. On two separate occasions in July of 2016, the defendant with reckless disregard for the risk of death or bodily injury placed pieces of broken glass in Styrofoam drinking cups, which were eventually shipped to fast food restaurants.

The glass pieces were found in fast food restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. After the company received complaints, they stopped the production and distribution of Styrofoam cups. Additional boxes containing cups with broken glass were found. Horton is now scheduled to be sentenced on October 11, 2018. At that time, he will face a maximum prison sentence of three years. Further details have been made available here.

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