Former Federal Penitentiary Lieutenant In Atlanta Pleads Guilty To Abusing Inmate And Trying To Cover It Up

This week, it was announced that a former correctional officer lieutenant at the U. S. Penitentiary in Atlanta had pleaded guilty to abusing an inmate by punching him in the face without any justification. 44-year-old Gregory McLeod admitted that he attempted to obstruct a federal investigation by writing a false incident report. Court documents show that McLeod worked as a supervisor at the prison.

The defendant strip searched an inmate in the lieutenants’ office along with three other correctional officers. The defendant admitted that he punched the inmate in the face, after the inmate complained that the search was taking too long. He also admitted to writing an incident report and a separate memorandum about the encounter. In the separate memorandum, the defendant falsely claimed that the inmate swung at him with a closed fist and also attempted to assault the other officers before being restrained.

McLeod is scheduled to be sentenced on February 20, 2018 before United States District Court Judge Steve C. Jones. Additional details about the incident can be found here.