Former Transportation Security Officer Sentenced To Probation For Workers’ Compensation Fraud

On Friday, it was announced that a former Transportation Security Officer had pleaded guilty and was sentenced for fraudulently obtaining over $30,000 in workers’ compensation. 76-year-old Richard A. Mariani of West Dennis pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud in obtaining federal employee compensation.

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge M. Page Kelly has sentenced the man to six months of probation. He has also been ordered to pay $38,052 in restitution to the Department of Labor. Mariani was employed as a Transportation Security Officer at the Barnstable Municipal Airport from February 2002 to February 2011. The defendant sustained a workplace injury in 2011.

That injury left him unable to work and imposed severe limitations on his physical activities. This allowed Mariani to begin collecting workers’ compensation benefits. In August of 2015, it was alleged that Mariani began provided lawn irrigation services to various clients. Those clients paid him in cash for the work.

Mariani was engaged in many physical activities, which he previous claimed unable to do. Also, the defendant lied on a form to the United States Department of Labor by claiming he did not earn any income besides his disability benefits. Between August 2015 and August 2016, Mariani fraudulently received $38,052 in federal benefits.

The defendant has been sentenced to six months of probation and has been ordered to pay $38,052 in restitution to the Department of Labor.