Gigabit City Initiative Approved In Celine, Texas

On May the 31st, it was confirmed that the Celina City Council approved the Easement Ordinance amendment during their May meeting. The new amendment requires all developers to install fiber optic lines and conduits in all developments inside of the city. The city in conjunction with the Celina Economic Development Corporation is currently in the process of designing the layout of an 86-mile fiber optic network across the city. Construction for the project is expected to start shortly.

By using public-private partnerships and with help from developer and building ordinances, the City of Celina expects to add an additional 64 square miles of fiber optic networking. This will effectively connect every business, municipal, and residential rooftop to the city’s fiber optics backbone. The ordinance places heavy emphasis on the fiber optic network’s ability to educate the youth, create jobs, enhance public safety, and improve standards of living.

Fiber optic lines transmit data through glass and plastic threads. The network will ultimately allow for faster Internet speeds for businesses and consumers in the city. It will also make Celina the very first Gigabit City in the entire state of Texas. City officials hope the Celina Gigabit City initiative will allow all residential and business customers to have access to a minimum of 1 Gbps speeds. Celina is a suburban community in North Texas. It is located approximately 40 miles from Dallas. More details can be found by visiting the official website of the Celina Economic Development Corporation.