Hamilton, Ohio Paralegal Sentenced To Prison For Bank Fraud

On Wednesday, it was announced that a paralegal from Hamilton, Ohio had been sentenced to prison on three counts of bank fraud in connection with making false representations as part of his application to obtain credit cards. 35-year-old Grady Calhoun was sentenced to 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release. Calhoun was accused of making false claims about his income and occupation on three separate occasions.

During an application process with Chase Bank, Calhoun claimed he was a partner and president of a law firm called Serdekor LLC. While Serdekor LLC is an Ohio limited liability company registered by Calhoun, it is not a law firm and the defendant is not a licensed attorney. Instead, the defendant was employed as a paralegal with a law firm based out of the Southern District of Ohio.

The defendant also manipulated the payment process to Chase Bank in order to keep the credit card accounts open for as long as possible. As a result of the scheme, Calhoun owes roughly $408,000. Calhoun also fraudulently acquired credit card accounts at Barclay’s Bank and applied for other lines of credit using another person’s social security number. The defendant owes Barclay’s more than $28,000.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges in June. He has agreed to repay both banks. Again, Grady Calhoun has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release. Further details can be found here.