Happy Returns And Tradesy Announce Success Of 6 Month Pilot Program

On February the 15th, Happy Returns and Tradesy commented on their cooperative 6-month pilot program. Happy Returns is a startup company that facilitates the returns process for retailers that do not have physical stores. The company has provided Tradesy with their in-person returns service for the past 6 months. The pilot program has proven that customers have been happy with Happy Returns’ in-person return solution.

Thanks to the success of the pilot, Tradesy has agreed to enter into a long-term partnership with Happy Returns. Now, Happy Returns will give Tradesy shoppers the ability to return their items in person. They can do that by visiting one of Happy Returns’ Return Bar locations. Once the return has been finalized, Tradesy shoppers will receive immediate merchandise credit and this virtually eliminates any hassle or wait time.

Research has shown that customers generally prefer to return their items in person and this is one of the reasons Happy Returns wants to accommodate this desire. According to Happy Returns, their pilot program proved that their in-person returns were very popular among Tradesy customers within 5 miles of Santa Monica, California, where the program was carried out. Customer satisfaction was also much higher and the effortless return process made customers feel more compelled to shop with Tradesy again in the future.

More importantly, Happy Returns also reported cost savings associated with their returns solution. The company suggests their ability to offer their service at a per-item cost lower than what retailers would normally pay to ship the items makes their service more cost effective. To learn more about the success of the pilot program, be sure to check out the latest press release from Happy return here.