IOFIT Launches Smart Golf Shoes

The Samsung spin-off company, IOFIT, launched the world’s first smart golf shoes on Tuesday August the 2nd. The shoes are now available for pre-sale on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. The IOFIT golf shoes are truly a one-of-a-kind technology, which is capable of analyzing the golfer’s balance, while providing them with actionable feedback to enhance their swing and performance. IOFIT’s shows utilize innovative technology and embedded sensors to track information related to the swing.

Then, the shoes will present the golfer with advice for enhancing their performance. In the past, golfers would be required to pay outrageous fees to acquire the assistance of a professional for the feedback they required. With the new smart shoes and the associated app, golfers will be able to acquire this information at a minimum cost. According to the company’s press release, the shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and feature breathable textile lining. The shoes also have impressive outsole traction to keep the golfer firmly planted to the ground.

iofit smart shoes

The shoes feature a recharge battery with an average battery life of 5-days, when used 2 hours per day. The information collected from the smart shoes can be synced directly to your iOS or Android smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. The golfer will also have the option of creating a video of their swing and sending the video to their smart device. Aside from analyzing their performance, users of IOFIT’s smart shoe will also be able to compare their swings to the pros, download data from the world’s top players, and share the information with their friends and coaches.

The IOFIT Smart golfing shoe is now available on Kickstarter and orders will be accepted until September the 7th. The shoes are currently priced at $189. IOFIT has set a funding goal of $30,000 and expects the shoes to ship to customers in February of next year. At the time of this writing, the shoes have already accumulated $23,208 from 160 backs with 35 days left. For additional information or to place your order, be sure to check out the company’s Kickstarter campaign right now.