JAKKS Pacific Launches New Care Package On Amazon To Help Kids Combat Homesickness

On July the 31st, JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ: JAKK) announced the launch of its brand-new care package for kids. The JAKKS Care Package is a unique gift that has been specially designed to help combat the feelings of homesickness. Initially, the gift was carefully curated with hospitalized children in mind. Now, the Care Package provides fun-in-a-box for all children, including those going on a road trip, summer camp, or even a slumber party.

Chairman and CEO of JAKKS Pacific, Stephen Berman, spoke about the new product launch. “Every kid loves receiving a care package when they’re away from home. However, many parents aren’t sure what their children want or, in the case of hospitalized children, what’s allowed that will also make them feel better and less homesick.”

The Care Package includes a 12-inch cuddly superhero plus that can double as a new pillow and an activity tray designed to sit comfortably on the child’s lap. The kit also includes storage space, a cup holder, 3 dry-erase markers, a mask and cape, and a projector flashlight. The JAKKS Care Package was developed after a chance conversation between 22-year-old Austin Reynolds and Berman. Reynold is a regular summer intern with the company and the son of employee Merryl Reynolds.

The conversation sparked the idea of the JAKKS Care Package, which is carefully designed to meet the needs of homesick kids. JAKKS is running a campaign for the toy. For each Care Package sold, the company’s philanthropic army, JAKKS Cares, will donate a toy to a needy child. The JAKKS Care Package is available today on Amazon.com. It retails at $39.99.