Mix 1 Life Enters Manufacturing Agreement With Pepsi Northwest Beverages

Scottsdale, Arizona – Today, May 26th , 2016, the Arizona-based Mix 1 Life Inc. (MIXX) announced that they had entered into a manufacturing agreement with Pepsi Northwest Beverages for the company’s No Fear Energy drink. Mix 1 Life is known for its natural nutritional products, which have now found their way into several retail chains, including Albertsons, Jacksons and Bashas’.

In January of this year, Mix 1 announced their Natural Nutritional Protein Shakes would be made available within Safeway and Albertson’s retail establishments throughout the Southwest Division, including those in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California and Colorado.

Mix 1 Life successfully completed the acquisition of “No Fear” in March of 2015. The brand was able to generate over $4 million for the trailing twelve months ending in December of 2014. Aside from being available in numerous retail establishments, Mix 1 also sells their products online through Amazon.

During the day’s trading window, the stock fluctuated between $0.175 to $0.1899 to finally close at $0.175. It experienced a volume of 3,915. Additional information regarding Mix 1 Life and their products can be found by visiting Mix1Life.com.