Mr Beer Aims To Make Anyone A Craft Beer Master

The craft beer market has truly exploded. Many consumers solely drink craft beer. Unfortunately, attempting to get your hands on a cold glass of craft beer is often easier said than done. Mr. Beer hopes to rectify this problem, by making it easy for consumers to manufacture craft beer within the comfort of their homes. The company has been creating beer brewing kits since the early 1990s. They offer beer kits, hard root beer kits, and cider kits. The company’s portfolio is better than ever thanks to the launch of twelve new kits at the beginning of September.

The kits are available in 6 of the company’s most popular styles and consumers will be able to opt between starter kits and completely kits. The kits are specifically designed to accommodate the first-time home brewer and give them the opportunity to experience the hobby personally. Below is a list of kits available.

  • Bewitched Amber Ale
  • Diablo IPA
  • Long Play IPA
  • Churchills Nut Brown Ale
  • American Lager
  • Northwest Pale Ale

The prices of the kits vary depending on the specific type and the variety of beer selected. Consumers should expect to pay between $44.95 and $64.95 for a Mr. Beer Kit. The complete kit will provide the brewer with everything they need to get started and then some, including bottles, caps, labels, and carbonation drops. The starter kit includes far less and is just includes the necessities.

Each kit is capable of making approximately an entire case of beer. At 12 fluid ounces, a single kit will produce 22 beers. At 25 fluid ounces, you’ll get 11 beers from a single kit. For additional information about Mr. Beer and their brand new craft beer kits, be sure to check out their official website here.