NABUFIT Shows Signs Of Growth With Mobile App

NABUFIT Global Inc. (OTC: NBFT), which is a US public company, has developed and launched an innovative fitness platform and associated mobile application. The groundbreaking, online portal provides expert advice to athletes, sport heroes, health experts, and fitness enthusiasts. The Nabufit mobile application provides consumers with access to workouts, which have been developed by the best fitness experts in the world. Whether you need a workout or just a little inspiration, the mobile app will put you in touch with whatever it is you need. The mobile app is user-driven, so consumers can help to enhance the database.

After the launch of the Nabufit App, the company teamed up with Brazilian soccer legend, Neymar Jr., to act as ambassador for the brand. And, the venture has proven to be successful. Since the application was launched to the public on the iTunes App Store and Google Play on July the 17th, it has been downloaded more than 50,000 times! And, the company’s Facebook page has been overwhelmed with 42,000 likes. Although the mobile application is currently only available in the English language, the company will soon make it available in German, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish.

Aside from Neymar Jr., the company has also teamed up with Michael Maze and Peter Schmeichel. The trio has been utilized to create original content for the mobile app. The content includes training videos, which will motivate the user and encourage them to transition to a healthier lifestyle. The company’s innovative mobile application will work fluidly with current wearables, as well as those that will be released in the future. To learn more about Nabufit and its mobile app, be sure to check out their official website at