Naloxone Now Available In Walgreens Without A Prescription In 33 States

The drug abuse problem has truly become an epidemic in the United States. Just recently, the Office of National Drug Control Policy confirmed more Americans die from overdoses than motor vehicle crashes. A 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, suggested approximately 19 million Americans had abused a prescription drug during the 2015 year. It is no secret that the majority of drug abusers have started to abuse opioids, because they’re readily available. Walgreens has taken steps to try and improve the drug abuse problem in the United States.

The retail pharmacy has worked to increase the availability of naloxone across the United States. On December the 21st, the company announced it has expanded the drug to Missouri, Mississippi and Washington D.C. In 33 states and DC, consumers can now obtain naloxone through a Walgreens pharmacy, without a prescription. According to Walgreens, the medication is now available at approximately 5,800 Walgreens pharmacies. Naloxone is available in a nasal spray, as well as an injection.

Naloxone is specifically designed as a remedy for opioid and heroin overdoses. When administered to the patient, Naloxone is capable of reserving the effects of overdoses from these medications. Walgreens intends to continue striving to make the medication available throughout the country. The company believes they will be able to offer naloxone without a prescription in California, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Iowa, Connecticut, and Arkansas by early 2017.

While naloxone has proven to be an effective remedy for opioid overdoses, it is not an adequate substitute for medical care. Those that have been administered naloxone should still seek medical attention. Walgreens now offers naloxone in Alabama, DC, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana, and many more states. To learn more about the company and their naloxone sales, be sure to visit their official press release here.