New Dating App Avec Makes Matches Based on Common Interests

The brand-new data app, Avec, launched to the public on November the 22nd. The innovative app, which is marketed as being experiential, will aim to introduce two strangers based on their common interests. The application was first unveiled in March of 2016 at the SXSW. It was previewed by beta testers and influencers. The feedback provided was taken into consideration by the developers and new functionalities were added accordingly. Avec will attempt to break the old traditional of allowing daters to find potential candidates based on pictures alone.

Instead, the app will stress the importance of common interests. The mobile application will allow daters to set up potential dating opportunities. For instance, they can use the app to invite others to an upcoming sporting event. The user will receive push notifications from nearby users, who are interested in the event in question. The big differential between Avec and other dating apps comes down to the user experience. Instead of being able to browse by profile, users can only browse for events. The developer of the app, Avec, was founded by Dr. Rhett Silver when his own date was cancelled unexpectedly.

Silver insists Avec takes things one step further “by offering matches who are equally interested in an activity you have planned.” He also pointed out that “It’s like finding a date for a date!” The Avec app is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free at this point in time. The app will be available for free for a limited duration. While Avec most certainly sounds like an interesting concept, it is questionable whether or not it can catch on with consumers.

avec dating app

While it is undeniably true that Avec may take an honorable approach to dating, it is unknown whether consumers will be willing to go on a date with a complete stranger, who shares common interests. Being unable to see pictures and profile information until the last minute may be off putting for many. Will consumers be willing to give up control to the Avec app and its innovative approach? In a perfect world, Avec would be a smash hit. In today’s overly judgmental world, the concept may have a difficult time getting off of the ground.

Consumers may also find Avec to be a little eerie. If they’re unable to form a real relationship with the person in question before the initial meeting, the risks will be elevated. At the same time, Avec feels like a marketplace for daters who are willing to sell themselves out for a ticket to a Broadway show or sporting event. Nonetheless, Avec is now available for download and those interested should visit the official website at