New Jersey Woman Gets Prison Time For Bilking Elderly Man Out Of $4.1 Million

On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced Corinne Dziesiuta to five years in prison for bilking an elderly man out of $4.1 million through a telephone sweepstakes scam. Dziesiuta worked for a call center in Costa Rica when she placed several phone calls and sent letters to the victim, who resided in Palatine. The victim was told he had won millions in a sweepstakes, but would need to pay various taxes and fees in order to collect the winnings.

Dziesiuta and her co-schemers tricked the man into transferring large amounts of money to accounts that they controlled. The defendant was aware that the man had not actually won any money. Yet, she continued participating in the scheme for more than six years. In total, the victim paid more than $4.1 million to Dziesiuta and her co-schemers.

39-year-old Corrine Dziesiuta, who is originally from New Jersey, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in August. The defendant was sentenced to a 60-month prison sentence by United States District Judge Thomas M. Durkin on Tuesday. The investigation concluded that Dziesiuta had used the name “Lisa Conti” when speaking with the client from 2010 to 2016.

The victim ultimately made 37 payments ranging from $23,751 to $210,000 to the defendant and her co-conspirators. In 2016, the victim began working with law enforcement. Dziesiuta was eventually lured to New York and arrested at LaGuardia Airport upon her arrival. Additional details about the sentence can be found here.