Nokia Launches Mobile Edge Computing And Aims To Enable An Ultra-Connected World

On September the 19th, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) released big news. The company’s Mobile Edge Computing, MEC, has been extended to enterprises and will give them the opportunity to experience applications with low latency mobile broadband networks. The MEC platform is designed to improve operations, while reducing the costs for enterprises. The MEC platform will not be available to an assortment of enterprises, including factories, warehouses, campuses, hospitals, transportation hubs, and more.¬†The company announced the launch of three Mobile Edge Computing applications, which are specifically designed for enterprises.

  • Object Tracking – Enterprises will now be able to track personnel and assets with centimeter-level accuracy.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Video Surveillance – Security personnel will now be able to access security feeds from anywhere within the facility utilizing mobile devices.
  • Video Analytics – Staff can analyze data feeds using the MEC platform to detect anomalies and investigate right away.

Nokia will provide enterprises with access to an AppFactory environment, which will allow them to develop applications to suit the precise needs of their enterprise. Existing applications can be integrated to the MEC environment with ease. Nokia intends to provide enterprises with access to low latency, dedicated networks while using MEC to analyze data much closer to end users. For additional information, be sure to check out Nokia’s official press release now.

nokia mobile edge computing

Also today, the company launched an extensive ‘as a service’ portfolio, which will help operators and enterprises gain access to an ultra-connected world more rapidly. The company’s everything as a service, XaaS, portfolio will give enterprises the ability to meet their needs quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Nokia will now deliver an assortment of technologies as a service, including Wi-Fi, making it possible for enterprises to entice their internet-crazed customers. Nokia intends to host all technologies, while delivering them as a service, with the utilization of the Nokia AVA platform. Nokia’s AirScale Wi-Fi Controller as a service will be used to manage the Wi-Fi needs for enterprises. The¬†network can be controlled, monitored and manipulated from afar.

It is compatible with a maximum of 8,000 indoor and outdoor access points, which makes the service scalable. Nokia has also announced their intent to use the AVA platform to deliver Optimization as a service, SmartData as a service, and 5520 Access Management System as a service to their enterprise clients. Nokia data centers will be used to host the XaaS platform in conjunction with the AirFrame Data Center technology. The combination will give Nokia the ability to satisfy the hyperscale data demands of enterprises, while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.

For more information, check out the company’s latest press release now.