NORPAC Foods Bankruptcy Leads To Mass Layoffs

On August 22, 2019, NORPAC Foods filed for bankruptcy protection and entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Oregon Potato Company. As a part of that arrangement, OPC would purchase NORPAC’s facilities. OPC withdrew its bid to purchase those facilities on October 18, 2019. NORPAC has continued discussions with various companies regarding the purchase of NORPAC’s assets but the company has not found a buyer.

NORPAC has unsuccessfully attempted to secure additional financing. As a result, the company has warned Oregon officials that it will be closing two Oregon facilities. The Brooks plant is located at 4755 Brooklake Road NE in Salem, Oregon. It is expected that employment will be terminated on January 12, 2020 or within the 14-day period after that date. Seasonal employees will be terminated once the processing season has concluded on November 15, 2019.

It is anticipated that 466 workers could be laid off at the Brooks plant. The WARN notice can be found here.

The company may also be forced to permanent close its Salem repack facility. That facility is located at 3305 25th Street SE. The closure of that facility would result in 458 workers being laid off. The layoffs would occur on January 12, 2020 or within 14 days thereafter. That WARN notice can be found here.

Since the company is actively seeking additional financing and engaging in discussions with other companies about purchasing these facilities, there is no guarantee that the closures and layoffs will happen.

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