Oklahoma Oil And Gas Repairman Pleads Guilty To Fraudulent Invoices

On Friday, it was announced that an oil and gas repairman had pleaded guilty to more than $400,000 in fraudulent invoices. 54-year-old Luis Enrique Damazo, also known as Luis Enrique Cassinelli, pleaded guilty to defrauding a Texas company of more than $400,000 through fraudulent invoices. Charges were filed against Damazo on December 29, 2017. The defendant was employed as a repair technician with Dexter Field Services LP, which is headquartered in Austin Texas.

The company provides leak detection, environmental monitoring and consulting services to industrial clients. Damazo was responsible for repairing toxic vapor analyzers, which were used to detect leaks at oil and gas refineries. He was often required to order replacement parts. From November 2009 to October 2015, the defendant was accused of secretly operating a business known as BC Environmental.

The charges claim that he used that business to prepare fictitious order forms and invoices showing purchases supposedly made on behalf of Dexter Field Services. As a result of those fraudulent documents, Damazo allegedly received more than $400,000 from Dexter Field Services. Damazo caused the checks to be deposited in a BC Environmental bank account and ultimately used the money for his personal benefit.

On Friday, Damazo admitted to the allegations and pleaded guilty to mail fraud. Sentencing should take place in roughly 90 days. The defendant now faces twenty years in prison and three years of supervised release. Additional details regarding the charges can be found here.

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