Ooma Unveils Smart Home Monitoring System Equipped With Remote 911

Ooma Inc, which is best known for its smart communications platform, will look to enter the smart home market in the near future. On January the 4th, the company unveiled their new Ooma Home Monitoring system. The do-it-yourself home monitoring solution will provide consumers with immediate alerts of events taking place in their homes. The system works seamlessly with the Ooma smart home phone service, which is known as the Ooma Telo. The combination can be utilized to monitor a wide array of elements, including water and motion.

ooma home monitoring

Alternatively, the system can be used to provide the user with alerts associated with window and door sensors. Of course, it is the remote 911 functionality, which makes the Ooma Monitoring System just a tad bit smarter than the alternatives. The system is capable of alerting local 911 services in the event of an emergency. Ultimately, Ooma Inc. feels this will provide the consumer with greater peace of mind and enhanced security. For the most convenient setup and management, consumers will be able to monitor and configureĀ the Ooma system directly through their smartphone.

The Ooma Home Monitoring Mobile App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. From there, the user will be able to configure the real-time notification system. Consumers can opt to have notifications delivered through SMS, email, the associated app, and even via phone call. The Ooma Telo also offers voice announcements for sensor alerts. The Ooma Home Monitoring System will provide consumers with additional peace of mind, by allowing them to directly contact 911 even when they’re not home. The system will also ensure the emergency dispatcher is able to immediately obtain your home address, so emergency personnel can arrive more rapidly.

When the Ooma Home Monitoring system is used in conjunction with the latest version of the Ooma Telo, it will work fluidly with a maximum of 100 connected sensors. Current Ooma customers can use the monitoring service for free for their first sensor. Premier service customers can take advantage of the service for no additional cost. Ooma Basic members can sign up for a minimum of just $5.99 per month. The monitoring system will be released to the public during the first quarter of 2017, with pre-orders now available through Amazon.com.

The three available sensors will range in price from $24.99 to $34.99. Those interested in learning more about Ooma and their smart home monitoring system are advised to visit their official website at www.ooma.com.