Partner Communications Announces Launch Of New TV Services

Today, the leading Israeli communications operator, Partner Communications Company, announced the launch of their new television services. The services will be made available to consumers over the Internet. It will include 40 linear channels, as well as VOD (video on demand) content. The platform relies on Android TV’s operating system. Therefore, subscribers will be able to add content, play games and use several music apps through Google Play. The service is available in a singular package. Alternatively, consumers can bundle the Internet television service with the company’s Internet and fixed-line telephony services.

In May of this year, Partner confirmed they had entered into a partnership with Netflix. Through that agreement, Partner will offer a package that includes Netflix content services to Israel residents. Subscribers will be able to access the content through Partner’s set-top box interface making it easier and more convenient for users. Additional information can be found by reading the company’s latest press release.