Philips Medical Systems Prepares For Layoffs In Cleveland, Ohio

Philips Medical Systems manufactures diagnostic imaging systems, healthcare informatics, cardiac devices and more. On February 20, 2018, the company submitted a WARN notification with the Ohio Office of Workforce Development. That notification confirmed that the company would soon be permanently laying off workers at its Cleveland, Ohio facility. The company also confirmed that it anticipates further layoffs throughout 2018.

The company’s facility is located at 595 Miner Road, Cleveland Ohio. In total, it is believed that 65 workers will be laid off. The terminations are expected to occur on April 20, 2018. None of the workers are represented by a union. Therefore, there will be no bumping rights. However, the WARN notification explains that the company intends to offer severance and other benefits to affected employees. Philips hopes that these programs will lessen the impact of the mass layoff.

The full WARN notification and a list of impacted job titles can be found here.

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