PubMatic Integrates Amazon Publisher Services Into Revenue Management Platform

Today, PubMatic, an automation solutions company, announced it had entered into an agreement with Amazon Public Services to expand the functionality of its revenue management platform, SEVEN. The company intends to increase publisher access to give users more options than ever before. Now, users of the PubMatic revenue management platform will be able to choose between PubMatic’s OpenWrap header bidding solution or Amazon’s cloud-based header bidding solution. The move will give publishers more control over their ad choices.

Senior Vice President of Product Management for PubMatic, Evan Simeone, admitted the company was excited to integrate Amazon’s Transparent Ad marketplace into their current platform. He went on to say, “We see Amazon’s offering as a clear indication that they are just as dedicated to providing publishers with the most advanced monetization technology possible as we are at PubMatic.”

PubMatic has set its sight of producing the most transparent and fair digital advertising ecosystem. They sincerely believe a partnership between PubMatic and Amazon Publisher Services will help them further that agenda, while simultaneously providing publishers with the ability to maintain control over their ad choices and optimizing demand for each impression. The company hopes to one day build a fully open ad tech ecosystem. More about the company’s tools can be found at