RAADR Brings Cyber Bullying Protection App To Google Play

As the Internet has grown in popularity, it has brought along a mixed bag of surprise. Some have been good, while others, such as cyber bullying, have become a plague on society. One company, RAADR Inc. (OTCQB: RDAR) hopes to help parents better protect their children from online bullying with the upcoming release of their brand new mobile application. The tech and software development company consistently monitors social media platforms for cyber bullying, by utilizing its innovative web-based application. Today, the company received permission from Google to make their mobile app available to consumers through the Google Play store.

RAADR Inc. will now be able to provide parents with iOS and Android devices a little additional peace of mind. In September of 2015, the Android operating system held over 50% of the market. So, the company will definitely benefit from being able to reach a much larger market than ever before. The company specializes in web-based tools, which can be utilized to keep children safe from potential bullies and predators¬† on the Internet. Parents and guardians, who incorporate the software into their children’s lives, will be able to customize their own monitoring specifications and alerts.

Parents can configure custom keywords and other details to help diminish risk. The company’s monitoring software is incredibly customizable and efficient. It works with multiple platforms, including various devices, browsers and even social media. The software’s consistently evolving database is now capable of tracking over 2,500 topics and keywords. Parents, who wish to benefit the most from the software, can upgrade to RAADR Pro for as little as $4.95 a month. With the subscription, consumers will be able to monitor up to 6 children and unlimited main topics.

Previously, the company’s platform was featured on Arizona’s Channel 3 Family Live. In April of this year, RAADR partnered with author Tensie J. Taylor, who will now serve as brand ambassador. As the author of “Bullied, From Terror to Triumph”, Mr. Taylor is an excellent match for the company and their associated products. As of March 31, 2016, RAADR reported an accumulated deficit of approximately 14.8 million dollars.

The company’s stock currently rests at $.0007. It has a 52-week range of $.0006 to $.398. For additional information regarding the company’s products and stock, be sure to visit RAADR.com.