Shopify Now Compatible With The Amazon Marketplace

As Amazon has continued to grow, more and more small businesses have been able to sell their goods through the Amazon Marketplace. Alternatively, many small businesses have used the Shopify software to create their very own e-commerce platforms. Previously, these two channels were utilized separately, but that all changed on January the 5th of this year. On that day, Shopify, which is the leading cloud-based commerce platform, announced that merchants selling in the USD would be able to add Amazon to their Shopify account.

This integration was made available to many consumers in December. It is designed to allowed Shopify store owners to seamlessly and effortlessly connect to millions of Amazon customers. Now, Shopify users will be able to make their goods available to relevant Amazon customers. Merchants can easily manage their product catalog in a single convenient location. By utilizing the Shopify platform, small business owners will be able to manage their product catalog across multiple platforms, including their ecommerce store, retail store, Amazon store, and other retail channels.

Shopify is currently utilized by more than 300,000 businesses across 150 countries. Some of the biggest brands in the world, including GE, Kylie Cosmetics, Tesla, Red Bull, and even Nestle, rely on the Shopify software. Now, users of the software will receive even more benefits, while accessing new customers through the Amazon Marketplace.