Stanley Black & Decker Set To Lay Off Workers In Georgetown, Ohio Facility

*Update* Stanley Black & Decker has filed a new WARN to correct its prior WARN. According to the company, the plant will not be closing. However, the company will still be carrying out a mass layoff.

This month, Stanley Black & Decker submitted a WARN notice with the Ohio Office of Workforce Development. The letter explains that the company has decided to close its Georgetown production plant. The plant is located at 9301 Hamer Road in Georgetown, Ohio.

The closure will be permanent. The decision is part of the company’s plan to strategically consolidate its worldwide operations into fewer facilities. The closure is expected to take place in several phases. The first phase will take place between October 21, 2019 and November 1, 2019.

The company anticipates that 94 workers will be impacted by the initial phase. When the process is completed, all positions and jobs at the facility will be eliminated permanently. It is possible for some employees to be offered transfers in another area.

The full WARN notice can be found here.

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