TEGNA And MGM Team Up To Launch Live Interactive Program BOLD

On January the 16th, it was announced that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) would be teaming up with TEGNA (NYSE: TGNA) to introduce a brand-new, live, interactive entertainment program called BOLD. TEGNA Media is comprised of 46 television stations, which are scattered throughout the United States. The company reaches over 90 million Americans through their television and digital content. The BOLD program is built on a concept that will blend consumer interaction with the day’s biggest stories.

BOLD, Broadcast Online Live Daily, will be launched in the fall of 2017. It will be the first live multi-daypart syndicated program. The program will deliver the biggest stories across numerous channels to the consumer in real-time and across multiple screens. Each BOLD episode will be designed to specifically cater to each unique time zone and episodes will run 30-minutes. The program will attempt to capture and relay stories that people are discussing at that precise moment.

The show will also strive for maximum interaction from the viewer. The 360-degree viewing experience will allow viewers to interact with the hosts and share their opinions along the way. Consumers will also be able to have their say, by voting on the latest BOLD content and polls. BOLD will attempt to give viewers a platform by accepting viewer-submitted viewers and stories, which they feel should appear on the broadcast.

BOLD strongly understands that daytime TV watchers tend to consume content across multiple screens. The program will attempt to cater to the evolving audience and their multi-tasking behavior by aggregating the day’s top stories and the latest trending content. TEGNA and MGM will attempt to use BOLD to provide consumers with what they want when they want it. The team will rely on real-time analytics and a continuous flow of data to guide BOLD in the right direction, while giving consumers access to the most alluring stories and videos.

The BOLD program will be distributed by MGM and TEGNA Media. It will be produced by TENGA and will air across the company’s media network. The program will also be sold in syndication. To learn more about the new BOLD program, be sure to check out the press release here.