TEGNA Launches OTT Advertising Solution Premion

Today, TEGNA Inc. (NYSE: TGNA) announced the launch of their new over-the-top advertising solution, Premion. The advertising services platform is designed to accommodate the needs of local and regional advertisers. Premion is now a new division of TEGNA and will aim to fulfill the advertising needs of businesses with a single streamlined interface. The new system will feature an advertising inventory of 80 OTT sources, including video content platforms and networks. The sources will be made public soon.

When utilizing Premion, advertisers will be able to reach numerous OTT platforms and networks more conveniently than ever before. Premion is designed to be a one-stop-shop for advertisers. TEGNA also understands that more and more consumers have decided to cut the cord. Premion makes it possible for advertisers to reach those cord cutters. Although it depends on the OTT provider of choice, advertisers will be able to choose between ads of various lengths. The most common include 15 and 30 seconds. Ads are played with the fast-forward function disabled and can be scheduled pre-roll or mid-roll. The possibilities are enormous.

The business has been piloting in the cities of Dallas and Houston since July. Now, it will be made available to advertisers throughout the nation. The new Premion leverages TEGNA’s network, which contains over 700 sales reps, and spans across the country. Since the pilot launched, The McCarthy Companies has used Premion for marketing campaigns for their clients. The company’s director of media strategy, Michelle Levins, admits “The scale and premium content they provide allows us to raise the bar and stay on the leading edge for our clients.”

tegna premion

Premion ensures your brand will appear in premium content sources across reputable OTT platforms. And, the system simplifies advertising on OTT platforms, by eliminating the need to work with several providers simultaneously. Benefits of Premiom can be found below.

  • 95% or higher ad completion rate
  • Ads are non-skippable
  • Allows advertisers to reach consumers, who have cut the cord
  • Networks are trusted and viewers are authenticated
  • Ads can be displayed across multiple devices and platforms
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting
  • Advertisers can target viewers based on various criteria

According to the new Premion website, the system is currently comprised of 80 content partners and the network is expected to grow. Advertisers, who implement Premion into their marketing strategies, will be aligned with news, sports, the top television shows, and more. For additional information, be sure to check out the new website at PremionMedia.com.