TEGNA Teams Up With Cheddar to Launch Cheddar Local

Cheddar has grown in popularity, since being launched in January of 2016. The channel is broadcasted live and focuses on financial and technology news. The channel is primarily available online through Pluto, Sling TV, Facebook, Twitter, and Cheddar.com. On July the 26th, TEGNA (NYSE: TGNA) and their NBC affiliate in Sacramento, California KXTV announced a partnership with Cheddar. Through the partnership, Cheddar will produce “Cheddar Local” segments for the KXTV network. This will effectively make KXTV the first local network affiliate to add Cheddar Local content into their news broadcasts.

The segments will be featured twice a day and will cover the day’s top business headlines. The segments will be aired before markets open and after they close. Cheddar Local segments are expected to focus on business and technology coverage stemming from the New York Stock Exchange. In general, the segments are expected to last one to two minutes each. One will run during KXTV’s ABC 10 Morning Blend, while the later segment will fill a slot during the ABC10 New at 5 broadcast.

TEGNA’s Senior Vice President, Strategy, Ed Busby, believes the content will allow the company to reach a younger audience. “As we continue to reinvent local journalism in the digital age, we are excited to work with innovative, digitally-focused companies, like Cheddar, to reach new and younger audiences across platforms. Cheddar Local will help KXTV deliver relevant content to the Sacramento community.”

Depending on the success of the partnership, there is a possibility that Cheddar Local will expand to other markets in TEGNA’s network. In total, TEGNA has 46 stations in 38 markets.