Texas Migrant Council Announces Layoffs After Emergency Suspension Of Federal Assistance

The Texas Migrant Council migrant and seasonal head start program provides educational and support to low-income children of migrant and seasonal farm workers. The organization offers services to children in several states, including Texas, Ohio, New Mexico, Indiana, Oklahoma, Nevada and Iowa. The organization’s strategy is closely aligned with head start and early head start. The organization has recently filed a WARN notification.

A press release from the agency explains that on Wednesday May 16, 2018, TMC which is doing business as Teaching and Mentoring Communities received notice that it would undergo an Emergency Suspension of Federal Assistance. The organization’s press release explains that several questions remain unanswered and it is doing its best to gather those from the Office of Head Start. The organization filed a WARN notification with the Ohio Office of Workforce Development on May 18, 2018.

The letter explains that the company will perform a mass layoff. The letter explains that the number of impacted employees will be 1,273. These employees will not have access to bumping rights. The full WARN notification has been made available here.

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