The Cheesecake Factory Prepares For National Cheesecake Day Celebration With Big Discount

National Cheesecake Day is right around the corner and The Cheesecake Factory is ready to celebrate in a big way! The restaurant chain, which currently operates 193 restaurants throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, specializes in cheesecake, hence the name. The company will celebrate the holiday on July the 30th and the 31st by providing guests with a big discount on any slice of cake. All 193 restaurants will provide dine-in guests with any slice for half the price.

the cheesecake factory celebration cheesecake

Simultaneously, The Cheesecake Factory will be unveiling its latest flavor, Celebration Cheesecake, on Sunday. The picture-perfect cheesecake will be sure to melt in your mouth. It contains layers of original cheesecake, strawberry, vanilla cake, chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with cream cheese frosting. And, it is all topped off with vivid multi-color confetti.

The Cheesecake Factory will celebrate National Cheesecake Day during regular hours on Sunday and Monday, July 30-31. All 193 restaurants will partake in the event. More than 30 varieties of cheesecake will be made available at half the price. This includes the aforementioned Celebration Cheesecake. One slice will be discounted for each dine-in guest. The offer is only available at The Cheesecake Factory restaurants in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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