The Winners And Losers Of The Presidential Election

The presidential election has finally come to an end. The voting has concluded and a clear winner has been named. Everything is said and done, right? Not so close. While Donald Trump has been declared the winner, deflated liberals have flooded the streets in primarily liberal cities to protest their loss. The 2016 Presidential election was unlike any other and the repercussions will be widespread. Now that the election is over, it is time to take a look at the winners and losers of the electoral battle.

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The Losers

The Clintons

Hillary and Bill Clinton are most certainly two of the biggest losers of the 2016 Presidential Election. While Bill managed to spend 8 years in the White House, the Clintons were not satisfied and craved more. It was clear from the very beginning that they would not settle for less. Hillary Clinton knew this was her last chance and the door was already wide open. The stage was set. The DNC outmaneuvered Bernie Sanders, who seemingly remained determined until the very end. Magazines, bookies and the media had deemed Clinton the winner well before the early voting had even ceased. Some claimed she could flip Texas. Surprisingly, Clinton was a beaten fighter. He corner was simply boosting her ego with exaggerations and falsehoods.

Now that Hillary Clinton has been defeated, her political career should be extinguished. WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and the events that unfolded over the past few months have greatly tarnished Hillary’s reputation and it wasn’t great to begin with. With no political power, it is unlikely foreign governments will be so quick to fund the Clinton Foundation with millions. There is truly no benefit in doing so. As long as Clinton doesn’t get indicted, she should simply disappear and take Bill with her.


The DNC and Democrat politicians are now in a world of hurt. WikiLeaks has used their own words to destroy them. And, the DNC’s own antics led to the brutal beating Hillary Clinton took on November the 8th. Although Bernie supporters and others are currently channeling their anger at Donald Trump, this will change very quickly. When that happens and the streets clear, the DNC will be in hot water. Even more important will be the next few years. Democrat House and Senate members will be forced to sit back and watch as Trump and his GOP allies ram their policies straight down their throats.

The DNC and their allies suffered great casualties during the election cycle. They include Scott Foval, Robert Creamer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazile. Light has been shed on their underhanded dealings and this will generate scorn from many years to come. It will take a long time before the DNC can rectify their mistakes and reunite their party. The infighting uncovered by WikiLeaks tells us that Democrats will first need to overcome their personal problems, before moving forward.

President Obama

President Obama has been in the White House for 8 years and his policies should receive some blame for Hillary’s defeat. Despite the current president helping Hillary assemble her biggest rallies during the run up to the election, Obama’s past deeds have come back to haunt him. Many of Obama’s policies have been double-edged swords. They’ve helped few, while hurting many. Obamacare is widely despised, but still provides relief to a small quantity of the population. Most despise common core. And the result of the election tell us that Obama’s immigration policies have been refused by Americans. Had Obama been able to help a larger segment of the population, Hillary would’ve been welcomed into the White House with open arms. Most of her policies were rehashes from the Obama administration after all.

With Republicans in full control of the country for the next few years, Obama is ultimately a major loser. His most notable policies will likely be dismantled very quickly. When is all said and done, a few Obama accolades will remain, but most will be long forgotten in several years. He will mostly be remember for being the first African American president.

George Soros

George Soros was put directly in the spotlight several times during the lead up to the 8th. The famed investor has become infamous for funding left leaning policies. He donated substantially to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Soros could’ve singlehandedly funded the entire Clinton campaign. Nonetheless, he lost and he continues to lose. Soros has likely lashed out with a counter protest to the election results. What Soros fails to realize is that these protests are counterproductive. They further inflame the right and those stuck in the middle. This isn’t the way to stuff the government with favorable individuals.

Hillary lost and she took George’s money with her. She blew nearly 1 billion dollars during her campaign and much of it was given to the campaign by Soros. And finally, WikiLeaks has finally shed light on his involvement. Soros can no longer work in the shadows and blaming George for America’s turmoil is no longer a right-wing conspiracy theory.


Hollywood always get involved in the elections. This time was different. The stars came out hugely for Hillary Clinton. Johnny Depp, Bryan Cranston, Madonna, LeBron James, and so many more openly spoke out against Donald Trump and his supporters. There may have been a few Donald supporters lurking around the corner, but very few and they risked their careers by speaking out. These guys lost big and their groveling for Hillary has ultimately backfired. Americans proved Hollywood is no longer a powerful force in America. The propaganda has become off putting.

These imbeciles will now be forced to come down for their high horses and confront reality. The people they offended are those that fund their careers. Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and many other states voted heavily for Trump. They may also decide to vote with their money and boycott those that so harshly criticized their decision to back Trump. Had Breaking Bad started airing two months from now, I wouldn’t had watched it and I know I am not the only one. I certainly have no interest in watching anything that Cranston, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp or any other Trump basher is involved in.

These individuals attempted to use their positions to push their agenda. Celebrities need to realize that they’re very similar to public servants. Their movies, shows and music aren’t necessities. If consumers decide not to come out for their movies, their appeal with the studios will shrink and their role choices will dwindle. You need the American people more than they need you. Next time, remaining mum might be a good choice.

The Media, Pollster and Pundits

At the end of the day, nobody lost bigger than the media. All throughout the election cycle, the media did their best to slander Trump. Not only did they attack Trump, but they also belittled Trump’s supporters. They painted these individuals as hateful racists, sexists men, and uneducated buffoons. Little did they know it was backfiring. Each time the media attacked Trump and coddled Clinton, it further fueled the hate building inside these people. It further confirmed the Trump voter’s suspicion that the media was working with the Clinton campaign. And of course, the WikiLeaks emails confirmed it. The media tried as hard as they possibly could. They focused on Trump’s missteps 23 hours a day, while ignoring the emails and the Project Veritas videos.

The pollsters and pundits knew from the beginning Hillary would be in the White House. She was on the verge of flipping Texas and painting many other states blue. Again, the Trump voters were not buying it. The media’s credibility is at an all time low and their biggest pundits look completely silly. The media, polls and pundits will not be taken seriously for many years. And no media network is invulnerable to the anger. The media likes to point fingers and attack the media, while excluding themselves. All mainstream news outlets are included.

Fox News can point fingers and bash CNN and vice versa. Don’t, because you were all involved.

Silicon Valley

It was no secret that Silicon Valley was in Hillary Clinton’s corner. Facebook and Twitter tried their best to suppress positive Trump news and negative Hillary comments. Many in Silicon Valley, aside from Peter Thiel, helped fund Clinton’s campaign. Thiel received a lot of criticism due to his decision. In the end, Thiel was right. While liberals were bickering over a silly bathroom rule, Trump was addressing the real concerns Americans had. Now, the tech leaders have been forced to eat their words. Thiel looked at the world from the eyes of an average American, while Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and countless others kept their million dollar glasses on.

They looked down on the average Americans, while pushing their own personal preferences onto the American public. They have now seen the power of blue-collar Americans and should wise up very quickly. When these individuals put their minds to it, they can do anything. They could easily unleash their scorn on Apple, Facebook or Amazon. GrubHub continues to defy the American public with their anti-Trump rhetoric. Their business could easily be crushed with a simple boycott. I have never used their service and have never been to their website. I have no intention to do so either.

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The Winners

Donald Trump

Obviously Donald Trump is the biggest winner of the 2016 Election. What his win amounts to will remain to be seen. Regardless, Trump has now positioned himself as one of the most powerful people in the world. He has overcome the media, talking heads, Hollywood, the establishment, and the globalists. That is a feat in and of itself. Nothing feels better than overcoming and proving your naysayers wrong. If I was Trump, I would do everything possible to quell their complaints and prove them wrong. Should he be able to complete a quarter of the things he has promised, he will be able to do just that. And, he may just gain more and sustain enough popularity to win another term. Nonetheless, Trump is a major winner and has already shut up countless individuals.

Alternative Media

Alternative media has proven itself to be surprisingly credible. It speaks volumes that Alex Jones is more trusted than CNN, FoxNews, ABC, PBS, and countless more. This trend will likely continue and the alternative media will grow in popularity. Is it any wonder millions of Americans have decided to cut the cord and do away with their cable? The mainstream media doesn’t tell the truth. WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, and even InfoWars are now much more credible and more reliable. Journalism is on the verge of death thanks to sites and media outlets like The Hill, Politico and CNN working directly with the Clinton campaign.

If you’re required to let an outsider approve your articles or interview questions, you’re clearly hiding something. The downfall of mainstream media will empower alternative media. This is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The American Worker

Trump supporters have been referred to as many horrible names. They’ve been called racists, deplorables, sexists, and idiots. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. The average Trump voter was the average American worker, who was desperate for a change. They had been beaten down by Obamacare, pushed to the end of the line by affirmative action, and forced out of their jobs by H1-B visas. Their jobs had fled to Mexico, China and other countries. Their determination to get up each and every day to seek betterment, while working two jobs to make ends meet, was largely ignored by Clinton and made even more difficult by Obama’s policies.

When looking at the demographics of Trump’s voters, it is clear that they weren’t racists, sexists or idiots. They were simply average people sick and tired of watching their country be ripped apart by liberal policies, unfavorable trade deals, and racial divide. These individuals want jobs, safe streets and they want Americans to be put first. They were black, white, Latino, male, and female. They came from all backgrounds and they resoundingly rejected another Obama term. As I said previously, these individuals would be heard one way or another and they were.