Ubiqweus Inc Brings qBiq IoT Device To Kickstarter

On December the 9th, Ubiqweus Inc. announced the Kickstarter launch of their new IoT, real-time monitoring device, qBiq. The compact, wireless sensor is compatible with almost any object in the consumer’s home. The company has marketed the product as the world’s first Internet of Everything Device, because it is capable of making almost any object Internet enabled. Each qBiq is unique and each will be able to monitor something different.

  • qBiq Temp – Temperature
  • qBiq Feel – Humidity
  • qBiq Glow – Lighting
  • qBiq Move – Motion

Each qBiq box features a unique QR code, as well as an individualized website address, where the user will be able to find the information that is collected. Real-time information can be tracked by minute, hour, day, week and even month. Also, the data can be accessed and stored online at the user’s beck and call. And, the qBiq IoT device is more than suitable for developers.

The device is accessible to developers through open source technology, which allows them to build applications that utilize the data collected. Programmers will always be able to find new uses for their qBiq. Additional features can be found below.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Measures and records data
  • Only 1-inch
  • Transfers and analyzes data in real-time
  • Each cube includes a unique QR code and web address
  • Totally open source
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery, which is chargeable by USB cable
  • Maximum of 6 months of battery life, but varies depending on use

Each version of the qBiq is suitable for a handful of different applications. For instance, the qBiq Move can notify the user when their mailbox door has been opened and closed. The qBiq Temp makes it possible for consumers to keep track of the temperature in their basement, refrigerator or freezer. And of course, the company also has glow and feel versions of their IoT device.

qbiq iot device

At this point in time, qBiq is currently looking for backers through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Ubiqweus, which is based out of Canada, hopes they’ll be able to reach their goal of $75,706 by January the 20th. With 42 days to go, the campaign has accumulated a little over $4,000 from 55 backers. A pledge of approximately $95 USD will get consumers 4 qBiq cubes, as well as enrollment into the company’s monthly e-newsletter. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s Kickstarter campaign here.