USPS Launches Informed Delivery To Reduce Mail Theft

Mail and package theft has become a major problem in the United States, especially around the holidays. In order to combat the problem, the United States Postal Service has launched a new program called Informed Delivery. The service launched on April the 14th and will go in effect throughout the country on the same day. Informed Delivery is completely free. Consumers simply need to register online. Once they’ve successfully registered, the USPS will send them images of the mail to be delivered the following day.

The images will then be delivered to the consumer via email. USPS is willing to deliver a maximum of 10 images per email. Only front side images of income mail will be available. Twana Barber, communications specialist with USPS, invests the program has several benefits. The initiative will allow the United States Postal Service to connect with their customers, while also helping consumers plan their day.

Barber also believes Informed Delivery will improve the company’s business, which has declined over the course of several years. Black and white images of the customer’s letter-sized mail pieces will be delivered to their inbox each morning. These images can be viewed directly through a company or through the user’s smartphone. The service will ensure everyone in the household is able to see the mail before it is delivered. When important mail is expected, the consumer can now make sure they’re there to get it.

Those interested in signing up for the Informed Delivery service can do so here.