Volkswagen thriller: An unpopular supplier, audio recordings and a dead man

After the discovery of a body in a burning car in Rottorf (district of Helmstedt), it has been established that this is the suspected internal informer in the Volkswagen bugging affair. The DNA analysis showed that it was the owner of the car, prosecutor Julia Meyer said on Saturday. Several media had previously reported on the matter. As Meyer further said, there are many indications of suicide, but this has not been conclusively clarified.

The public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig had informed Angang August that it was also investigating the circumstances of a possible arson attack on the man’s house. According to the report, the building is a small village that was said to have been in flames in May and had been completely destroyed.

The recently announced wiretapping operation involved confidential audio material from a VW working group. Before the group canceled all contracts with the supplier Prevent in March 2018, company representatives are said to have spent more time discussing future dealings with the company. The recordings are intended to show how rigorously the world’s largest car manufacturer took action against the supplier Prevent, reports the business news site “Business Insider.

The former Volkswagen employee who has now been found dead is said to have secretly recorded these conversations in 2017 and 2018. The newspaper “Die Welt” reports that the man had been released only a few days before his death – the car manufacturer filed a criminal complaint against him. Prevent has so far declared that he was not aware of the tape recordings and rejects the suspicion that he had anything to do with a bugging attack on VW.

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