Wake County Asks SBI To Investigate Register of Deeds Office

On Friday, March the 31st, the Wake County District Attorney, Lorrin Freeman, and County Manager, Jim Hartmann, announced they had asked from assistance from the State Bureau of Investigation to investigate the Register of Deeds office. Earlier this year, employees noticed irregularities and missing money when making improvements to the way in which money is collected by the department. It was also announced that the current Register of Deeds, Laura M. Riddick, would be stepping down from the post as of April the 1st for health reasons.

Hartmann emphasized that Riddick’s departure was not in any way related to the ongoing investigation. Simultaneously, the investigation is not aimed at any single individual. Freeman also pointed out that Riddick had been entirely cooperative throughout the investigation. At this point in time, the office is staffed by approximately 40 people. while no specific totals were given, Freeman stated that the amounts were substantial.

Riddick was elected to the Register of Deeds post in 1996. Her deputy is expected to take over her day-to-day duties, until the Republican party can choose a suitable replacement.