Walmart Targets Amazon With Free Two-Day Shipping

Amazon has soared to stardom thanks to the company’s ability to get the client’s order to their doorstep rapidly. To benefit the most, consumers need to be a member of Amazon Prime. This is one area where Walmart might be able to one up the retail giant. And, if any company is going to be able to put a dent in Amazon’s armor, it will be Walmart. On January the 31st, Walmart launched a preemptive strike by announcing changes to their existing shipping policy. The company will now offer free 2-day shipping to the consumer’s home, as well as to Walmart stores, on more than 2 million items. And best of all, the consumer will not need to pay a membership fee.

The new arrangement will start on January the 31st at 8AM Eastern time. The company has also decided to decrease the minimum purchase requirement, before the free shipping incentive is initiated. Now, consumers will receive free shipping as long as their order reaches a $35 threshold. The Walmart free 2-shipping incentive will be available on the items customers purchase the most. This will include pet products, baby supplies, cleaning products, electronics, and even toys. The company will also continue to offer same-day store pickup on many of their items.

Less than a year ago, Walmart launched the ShippingPass. The program shared close similarities to Amazon’s Prime. The ShippingPass was half the cost of Prime, but with fewer perks, such as no music and video streaming. Due to the latest move, it is safe to say that the ShippingPass experiment didn’t succeed in the way Walmart had hoped. Nonetheless, Walmart’s new shipping strategy should be effective and beneficial for both parties. To learn more about Walmart’s free 2-day shipping, be sure to check out their official press release here.