White Stallion Energy Announces Layoffs In Boonville, Indiana

On February 12, 2019, White Stallion Energy filed a WARN notice with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The letter explains that there will be a mine closing that will result in job eliminations at Liberty Mine. The mine is located at 5555 New Harmony Road in Boonville, Indiana. The surface mine operations will close.

Regular employees will be given the opportunity to accept another position at one of the other mine sites. The action is expected to be permanent. The layoff will occur on or around April 5, 2019. The date may change depending on business circumstances. The impacted workers do not have union representation. No bumping rights exist.

In total, 82 workers could be laid off. The majority of the impacted workers are pit operators. The full WARN notice can be viewed here.

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